EASY-Cover: panel concept – modular tiles

always fits – without cutting: 35 tiles in 1 plate = +/- 1 m2

Universal zinc-coated metallic tile panel (= +/- 1m2) for pitched roofs.
35 tiles can be placed at once, giving a more aesthetic final result with the adapted tile profile. 
Fits for small roofs: garden sheds, vacation homes, carports, annexes, gazebos, kennels …

Each Easy-Pan Standard panel is 5 tiles in width and 7 tiles in height. Due to its sophisticated design (35 tiles per panel) the panel fits on every roof. The panels can be placed over one another in both width and height without having to saw or cut them.

Quick, easy, simple, and more importantly without any waste, which is a significant advantage for the environment.

Easy-Cover - modular tiles


Easy-Cover Standard is available in anthracite and red (look at the complete EASY-Cover selection)

AQUA-Tuile concept de panneaux

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Life expectancy min. 20 years

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